Brand Guidelines

How and where to use our brand assets.

MLH Style Guide

Mlh style guide

Check out the official Major League Hacking (MLH) Style Guide! This will cover all of the requirements and permitted uses of our official brand logo and assets. We highly recommend that you check it out.

League Logos

Major League Hacking (MLH) has two official leagues - North America and Europe. Each league may have a flagship partner whose logo(s) appear locked up with the MLH logo. The lockup should be used in all print and digital uses of the logo. Digital logos should link to the appropriate season or our home page. The original must be applied on white backgrounds. The grayscale version is applied to light gray backgrounds, the black version is applied to white or light colored backgrounds, and the white version is applied to black or dark colored backgrounds.

2017 Hackathon Season Member Event Badge

To use this badge you must be an MLH Member Event.
To become an official member event, please take a look at our Official Membership Page.

1. Select the region of your event

2. Select a badge color for your website

3. Copy code below and embed before </body> tag

Sponsor Resources

Events in the Major League Hacking Season are asked to include certain league sponsors as event sponsors.
Our team will specify which sponsors to include for your event.

Need a different brand asset or have a question about usage?

Send us an email!