Become a Hackathon Mentor

Do you want to become a mentor?!?

Mentorship is an integral part of any hacakthon and literally changes lives.

Over 50,000 students participate in hackathons every year, enough to fill Yankee Stadium. Many high school and college students venture to one of our events with little to no prior programming experience. Students attend hackathons to learn more about programming, or in many cases actually learn to program. Hackathons can be incredibly inspiring for a large amount of attendees, and in many cases life changing.

At a hackathon, students learn how to turn their dreams into reality. Students learn by doing, but sometimes Google is not enough to teach someone how to build their first hack. This is where you come in. A good mentor can vastly improve a hacker's experience and learning, and inspire hackers to pursue their dreams.


Hackathons are a great way to give back to the community. Whether you started programming at hackathon, in school, or by reading a book, there are a lot of students right now eager to learn to code. Do you remember how it felt to be struggling with a simple bug for hours? You can help show these students how to get started and that programming is not 100% frustration. Mentoring beginners is extremely helpful, as well as rewarding.

Mentors can truly change lives. Instead of giving up after the frustration of one unknown syntax error or the confusion of what language to choose, a mentor can guide a student and help them create a working prototype to show off to their friends. A mentor can inspire someone to continue to build and learn after a hackathon.

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