Become a Member of the MLH Season.

Ever wonder what it means to be a MLH Member Event?
Here's a list of packages Member events get during Hackathon Season!


By becoming an MLH Member Event you get access to all of these base benefits!


GitHub New Member Grant

We know that raising sponsorship is one of the hardest parts of starting a hackathon. To stimulate the growth of the student hacker community, if you're organizing a hackathon for the first time during the 2019 Hackathon Season as a MLH Member Event, GitHub will be providing your event with a $1,000 grant as your first sponsor and provide your team with one sponsored ticket to Hackcon.


Listed on Season Schedule

All MLH Member Events are listed on the Season Schedule. Being listed helps with the promotion of your event. Last year we sent 80,000 people to hackathon websites. You can also use the MLH logo and the MLH season banner on your website. It is mark of quality looked for by both hackers and sponsors.


On-site Support

An MLH Expert will be on-site at your event to help make sure everything goes according to plan. You can think of your MLH Expert as an extension of your team and a safety net to catch you when you Fall. MLH Experts have been to lots of hackathons and have solved every problem from broken down buses to food not showing up. They’re on-site to support you and help make your event as successful as possible.


MLH Office Hours

Our team help support 150 student hackathons every year. We've helped deal with all sorts of problems and questions. With MLH Office Hours, you can tap into the MLH team's expert advice and mentorship when you need it.


Regular Calls

Although Office Hours are available to every event, some organizers like having a regular check in time to get advice and support from MLH. If you select this add-on, an MLH Expert will schedule a regular call to chat with you and your team – you can even schedule this to be during your regular organizing meetings! Organizers use these calls to talk about everything from strategy (ex. Where should I host my event?) to specific execution questions (ex. How can I cut my budget to save $10k?).


Code of Conduct

Ensuring the safety and happiness of participants at hackathons is paramount. We'll help you make your hackathon a safe space by giving you a Code of Conduct that hackers expect. Any MLH Expert on-site at your event will be able to assist you with incident response as well.



When you become a Member Event of the MLH Season you're joining a global community of students who are passionate about hackathons. Your team will receive discounted tickets to Hackcon or Hackcon EU, our conferences for hackathon organizers. You'll also be invited to monthly League Standups which are a chance to discuss hackathons with fellow organizers.


Medals for Winning Teams

We provide medals for the winning teams at your event. This helps your winners feel appreciated on a global scale and help make them feel part of a global movement.


Season Rankings

Each season we keep track of how the schools that compete stack up against each other and publish rankings. Having season rankings classifies MLH as an intercollegiate academic competition, which can make access to student funding more accessible and provides legitimacy for hacker communities in the eyes of most universities. Our rankings algorithm is designed to reward students who attend lots of events and incentivizes inviting new people to join our community.


Hardware Lab

The MLH Hardware Lab contains the latest and greatest hardware gadgets for hackers to use at events. MLH partners with hardware companies like Oculus Rift, Amazon, Qualcomm, and Leap Motion to stock the lab with devices. Hackers can borrow these devices at MLH Member Events to learn about them and use in their projects.


Software Lab

Every hacker who participates in an MLH event gets a bundle of free services thanks to GitHub. Every hacker gets a free .com, .org, or .net domain name courtesy of They also get $100 of free credit on Amazon Web Services each!



Hackers love stickers. And we'll be sure to send you a bunch, including "I Demoed" stickers, made custom for your event. We'll also send MLH Season t-shirts, feminine products courtesy of HelloFlo, and more!


The Hacker Cup

The winning school of each North American and European season earns a trophy that they can proudly display on campus. They also receive a bunch of cool technology for their hacker club courtesy our sponsors.


Post Event Surveys

We'll survey your participants after the event. We'll measure how much the participants liked things such as food, internet, and judging. At the end of the season, we'll share the results of how your event was in relation to the rest of the MLH Member Events. This will give you concrete feedback on where you're doing well and where you need to improve. We of course won't make that information public.


Sponsor Intros and Budgeting Help

Raising sponsorship for a hackathon is hard. We work with member events to help them create and meet their budget. We include member events in our sponsor newsletter and make introductions to companies where it makes sense.


Preferred Vendors

Organizing a great hackathon can be expensive. To help you save time and money, MLH has vetted and partnered with a ton of amazing vendors that are offering exclusive discounts and priority access to Member Event organizers. Whether it's catering from PotBelly, stickers from Sticker Mule, or swag from BrandMakers, we've got you covered!


Social Media Promotion

We'll help your event reach a larger audience by promoting it on social media. We'll amplify your media campaigns and help you out whenever you need an extra push.



Registering for hackathons can be a terrible experience for hackers. The MyMLH platform makes the experience better by enabling hackers to create a single profile that they can share with any event that uses it in one click. MyMLH comes with a simple and extendable OAuth API that organizers can use to customize the experience to their needs.



We’ll organize a fun activity for hackers at your event. Having opportunities to take breaks from coding and relax is important for hackers. We’ve got a ton of fun games and activities we can coordinate and we’ll even give out a prize for the top participant.

How do I Qualify?

Here are the steps to becoming an MLH Member Event.


Read the Guidelines

Read the full Member Event Guidelines to understand the requirements and benefits of becoming a Member Event.


Submit an Application

Click the button below and fill out an application to host an official Member Event.


Interview with MLH

Arrange an interview with the MLH team to tell us about your event, iron out the logistical details, and ask us any questions.

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