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Top 2024 Summer Tech Internship Programs for Hackers

Did you know that recruiting for summer internships starts as early as September? To help you get started on your career search, we curated a list of the top internship programs in tech. Read More

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Fiona whittington

From October 16th-23rd, DigitalOcean will be partnering with MLH for Global Hack Week: Open Source in honor of Hacktoberfest taking place the entire month of October. Read More

Posted by Fiona Whittington | September 1st, 2023
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We carefully selected 50 outstanding members from our community, and we can't wait to share their inspiring stories with all of you! Read More

Posted by Harshita Sharma | August 4th, 2023
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Fiona whittington

The MLH Fellowship will be back again this school year! Get an overview of everything you need to know about this semester.  Read More

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Hackcon is the only Major League Hacking (MLH) event each year that requires you to pay money to attend and we recognize this may be hard for students on a tight budget. In this blog post, we will explore strategies for leveraging your school’s conference budget to attend Hackcon for free. Read More

Posted by Maria Dunning | May 24th, 2023
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Zane hasnain

I know many students are facing challenges finding internships and jobs right now, so I wanted to share some of my advice on interning at General Mills in the hope it helps you advance your career. Read More

Posted by Zane Hasnain | May 30, 2023
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Fiona whittington

Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce a partnership with MongoDB, to empower developers globally! Together, Major League Hacking, a global community powering the next generation of developers, and MongoDB, a developer data platform that makes data incredibly easy to work with, will help teach students critical data and developer skill sets. Read More

Posted by Fiona Whittington | March 27th, 2023
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Unlike a hackathon, Global Hack Week is a great opportunity to learn because there is no stress or pressure to build a project on a deadline. You’re able to make the time to attend different streams that allow you to learn new things from different people and sponsors. Read More

Posted by Matt Davison | March 20th, 2023
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Fiona whittington

Global Hack Week: APIs is next week, and we can’t wait to spend an entire week learning all about APIs with our community! To get us excited and ready to start our API adventure, we’ve put together a list of beginner-friendly APIs you might run into next week with some ideas on how you might want to use them in your hackathon or side projects. Read More

Posted by Fiona Whittington | March 28th, 2023
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