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Spring15 winner hero
Announcing the Winners of The Major League Hacking Spring 2015 North America Season

Congratulations to the hackers from the University of Waterloo! Read More

Arduino borealis hero

This Arduino-powered Art Hack combines paint, electronics, and software to recreate the Aurora Borealis. Read More

Posted by Stef Cohen | July 24, 2015
Hackcon iii featured

This past weekend we held the third annual Hackcon, the conference for student hackathon organizers. Read More

Posted by Swift | July 24, 2015
Hackpack kevin lewis featured
Kevin lewis

What’s in Your HackPack is a recurring series that examines the gear hackers bring with them to hackathons. Read More

Posted by Kevin Lewis | July 21, 2015
Biologically predisposed featured

Your brain follows the same basic Boolean logic a programmer uses to write code. Read More

Posted by Stef Cohen | July 17, 2015
Hackpack li featured
What's in Your HackPack, Li Chen?

For this installment of 'What's in Your HackPack', MLH’s operations manager, Li Chen, gives us a peek inside her Herschel backpack. Read More

Hackpack aziz small
What's in Your HackPack, Aziz Ramos?

What’s in Your HackPack is a recurring series where we take a look at the gear hackers are bringing with them to hackathons.

Apes in space small
What Makes a Winning Hackathon Team? Not What You Think

If Apes in Space haven’t won anything, what makes them a winning hackathon team?

Api demo small
This Is How You Craft a Killer Live API Demo

A few simple steps can help you create one of the most memorable API demos for your next hackathon.

Gmail labels small
How I Stay Productive With Gmail Labels

By spending a little time optimizing my Gmail labels, I was able to improve my email response flow and make answering email a more enjoyable experience.

Easy hax featured
The Easiest Way to Bring a Hackathon to Your School

Student organizers are spreading hacker culture everywhere, and empowering others to launch new hackathons at their own schools. Read More

Hackcon iii
Hackcon III

The League's hacker leaders unite in a post-season conference and discuss big ideas to progress the community even further.

Hackcon eu
Hackcon EU

The culture of the hacker conference has spread overseas in Europe! Join the EU team and share your ideas with us.

Local Hack Day

The most global local hackathon event returns once again everywhere worldwide.

Hack the Planet

Learn, build, share out of this world's hacks with the most inspiring hackers in the galaxy.

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