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Welcome to the 2021 Hackathon Season

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the 2021 Major League Hacking Hackathon Season! Learn more about upcoming events and how to host your own in our announcement. Read More

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Today we’re launching our second iteration of the MLH Fellowship, a remote internship alternative for student technologists. Read about what we learned & the changes we've made. Read More

Posted by Swift | August 12, 2020
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This summer, MLH Fellows will be contributing to open source projects used by hackers and companies worldwide with the mentorship of professional software engineers. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | July 6, 2020
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Today we're introducing the MLH Fellowship, a remote 12 week internship alternative for student technologists to work on major open source projects. Read More

Posted by Swift | May 4, 2020
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Our hackathon mentors share their best advice for new hackers. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | June 15, 2020
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We sat down with community member Chris Gu to unpack the process of creating viral Instagram filters. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | June 2, 2020
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We're teaming up with the Facebook team to create more opportunities for the Developer Circles community to gain hands-on experience with Open Source. Read More

Posted by Jon | May 13, 2020
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We have decided to run our Localhost workshops during the week (Mon-Fri) so that our hackers will never be without the opportunity to learn something new. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | May 1, 2020
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Major League Hacking is moving all events digital until June 2020. Read our guidance, recommendations, and plan for hackers, organizers and sponsors. Read More

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