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MLH Fellowship: The Future of Tech Internships

Today we're introducing the MLH Fellowship, a remote 12 week internship alternative for student technologists to work on major open source projects. Read More

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We sat down with community member Chris Gu to unpack the process of creating viral Instagram filters. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | June 2, 2020
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We're teaming up with the Facebook team to create more opportunities for the Developer Circles community to gain hands-on experience with Open Source. Read More

Posted by Jon | May 13, 2020
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We have decided to run our Localhost workshops during the week (Mon-Fri) so that our hackers will never be without the opportunity to learn something new. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | May 1, 2020
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Major League Hacking is moving all events digital until June 2020. Read our guidance, recommendations, and plan for hackers, organizers and sponsors. Read More

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This Local Hack Day: Share, our community of hackers truly blew us away with their creativity and connectivity. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | Apr 30, 2020
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Our Local Hack Day: Share event is online and ready to kickoff in the coming weeks! Read More

Posted by Niko Lazaris | Mar 31, 2020
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After months of caffeine-fueled planning, hundreds of local organizers helped bring to life Local Hack Day: Build and make it the best event yet. Read More

Posted by Emily Akers | Dec 18, 2019
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We're excited to announce Local Hack Day: Build organizer applications are open and you can register to organize your own 12 hour hack day right now! Read More

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